The forniture of the Villa

The Villa del Principe is a household-museum: it holds in its halls centuries old traces of the life of the family. This is why the wonderful furniture, that contributes to establish a memory theatre rich in atmosphere, can be admired inside. Between them a leading role is held by the group of wooden and gold plated sculptures and by the tables carved by the hand of Filioppo Parodi, greatest exponent of the genoese baroque sculpture. The villa was famous for the richness of the cloths: besides the tapestry, beautiful chiselled velvet cloths of the 17th and 18th century reached our days as well as two polychrome velvet shutters embroidered with the “a riporto” technique.
Of great rarity is the Isfahan carpet of the XVII century, manufactured near the royal palace of Isfahan under direct control of the Persian court, belonging to a style denominated “polonaise” from when an example of this craft work was exposed in the polish pavilion of the Paris Expo in 1866.


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