The tapestries

In the occasion of the visit of the emperor Charles V the Villa of the Prince was already fraught of “ clothed and beautiful tapestry more than sufficient to ornate the household of any given king with wonderfully weaved figures”. This was how it was described by a gentleman invited to the celebrations announced by the Prince Andrea Doria, and still it appears the same to the eye of the visitor that admires the halls of the Villa of the Prince in Genoa. Here the art of tapestry had it’s maximum splendour during the Renaissance, thanks to the tight economical relations between the sailor Republic of Genoa and the Flanders, the region in which the most beautiful tapestry were weaved. Today the household-museum of Villa del Principe holds three cycles of tapestry, dated back to the XV and XVI century for a total of eleven wonders of the European Renaissance. Come in and enjoy them.