The Villa

Welcome to Villa del Principe, the richest and most sumptuous noble household of the city of Genoa, the Villa of the only Prince Genoa ever had. It was 1529 when Andrea Doria, skilful admiral and legendary man of arms, began the constructions that would have lead to the rise of this wonderful villa overlooking the Gulf of Genoa. This would become his peaceful spot, the return point from his numerous journeys and the household chosen for his successors: the Doria Pamphilj family. Here the Emperor Charles V was hosted during his official visits and was convinced by Andrea Doria to grant Genoa its independence from the empire. This made him by all means the Lord of the City.
In this Villa, with his wife Peretta Usodimare, Andrea Doria gave birth to a great renaissance court that hosted artists such as the magnificent Perino del Vaga, that undertook the decoration and the furnishing of the majority of the halls. The villa was then enlarged by Andrea’s successor, Giovanni Andrea I Doria, with which it gained its maximum splendour. Today the Villa of the Prince is a museum full of hidden treasures. To live its splendours once again it is sufficient to stroll through its halls, in wonder in front of its amazing fresco paintings and incredible tapestry. Don’t linger any longer. Come and discover the wonders of European Renaissance.