How to reach us

The entrance is situated in Via del Corso 305, only a short distance from Piazza Venezia.

On foot

The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj is only a short distance from the main places of artistic and historic interest in the centre of Rome.
From the Pantheon follow Via della Minerva and then Via del Piè di Marmo until reaching Piazza del Collegio Romano. From the Trevi Fountain follow Via delle Muratte to where it intersects with Via del Corso, then proceed for 300 metres towards Piazza Venezia.

By bus

DFrom the Termini train station, take bus No 64 for 7 stops. Get off at Piazza Venezia and follow Via del Corso on foot for 100 metres.

By underground (metropolitana)

Linea A: the closest station is Piazza Barberini. From here go to the first Atac (bus) stop on Via del Tritone, and take one of the following buses: 95, 175, 492, 62 or 630. Get off at the stop in Via del Corso, where it crosses Via Minghetti, and walk for 150 metres towards Piazza Venezia.

Linea B: the closest station is Colosseo. From here take bus No 85 or 850. Get off at the stop in Via del Corso where it crosses Via dei SS. Apostoli. The entrance is on the opposite side of the street.

By car

The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj is situated in the historical centre of the city in the area where private traffic is restricted. If you do not have a permit for the ZTL (limited traffic zone) you must park before reaching this zone and continue on public transport.

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