Centaur (the Older Furietti Centaur)

Marble: antique red and black, antique green base

This astonishing sculpture was rediscovered in the mid-19th century in Albano, in one of
the luxurious residences of the Pamphilj family scattered around Lazio. It is a remarkable repetition, perhaps from the Antonina era, of one of the so called Furietti Centaurs, the celebrated pair in the Capitoline Museums. The original model was sculpted in grey lucullan marble and signed by Aristeas, an artist from Afrodisia, a town that was known for its exportation of sculptures. The famous pair came from Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa). The composition of these statues shows clear references to Hellenic culture. Our version is precious for the excellent quality of the materials used in its realisation, the carving and the refined colours.

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