Claude Lorrain

Landscape with dancing figure
(the Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca)

150,5 x 198 cm; olio su tela (FC 237)

Similarly to View of Delphi with a procession, this bucolic scene is dominated by the landscape, and represents, according to its traditional title, the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca. It is possible that Camillo Pamphilj, who commissioned the piece that was probably paid for in 1646, had asked Lorrain to portray a wedding scene for his marriage to Olympia Aldobrandini (1647). Lorrain was the most famous landscape painter of the 17th century, and in attempt to prevent the falsification of his work, many fakes were already in circulation at that time, he created a Liber Veritatis (Book of Truth) where he collected small sketches of his work.

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