Domenico di Giacomo di Pace
known as Domenico Beccafumi

Mystical Marriage of St Catherine with St
John and Saints

Ø 94 cm; oil on wood panel (FC 672)

The attribution to the grand Sienese artist of this painting has never been in doubt, in fact it is supported by the high quality of the panel, which is similar to the style and structure of the round panel in the Horne Museum (Florence). The refined and dreamlike chromatic gradations are typical of the artist’s work. The hypotheses concerning the date veer towards 1533/35, but at times pre-dating to around 1528) has been considered more likely. The label reads: “N° 310 di MAGARINO DA SIENA”, which is also repeated on the back, and can be considered to be that affixed by Agucchi when it was in the Aldobrandini collection, where the panel is known to have been already in 1603. The painting, a copy of which can be found in the Bob Jones University (Alabama), has retained its beautiful Renaissance frame.

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