Domenico Zampieri
known as il Domenichino

Landscape with Ford

47 x 59.5 cm; oil on canvas (FC 227)

The composition is framed by large swathes of trees, with an ancient town in the distance, following a formula that has a taste of classicism. The river in the middle is being forded by male and female figures. Domenichino executed this painting while still under the strong influence of Annibale Carracci, this can be seen when it is compared with the celebrated Aldobrandini lunettes. A comparison that can be made directly, as these are also in the gallery. The critics have put the realisation at 1605/07, when the painter was in contact with the learned and academic, Giovan Battista Agucchi. According to Mancini, the artist painted a number of captivating landscapes executed with perfection, for this man.

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