Jacopo da Ponte,
known as Bassano

Earthly paradise

77 x 109 cm; oil on canvas (FC 585)

Painted between 1568 and 1576, the scene portrays Adam and Eve in the Earthly Paradise, surrounded by animals. A scene actually known to the artist has been identified in the landscape seen in the distance, The rustic serenity of the scene has an everyday tone typical of Bassano, it leaves little space for rhetoric, taking on rather protestant accents. The autonomous air of the landscape, and the realistic portryal of the animals show an innovative direction that has parallels with the Nordic school of Jan Brueghel, also from that period. The figures of Adam and Eve are generally attributed to Jacopo, while the rest might have been executed by his son Francesco, who in that period was already working with his father. The Pamphilj collection brought together a large number of Bassano’s paintings, many of which are still preserved here today.

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