Memling Hans

Compassion for the Dead Christ with a

68.5 x 52.5 cm; oil on wood panel (FC 592)

The donor is kneeling on the right, some see in it the donor portrayed with child in the Bucharest diptych, from roughly the same period. Memling was a superb portraitist and this painting underlines his probable apprenticeship to Rogier van der Weyden, in Brussels. Attributed sometimes to the eighth sometimes to the ninth decade of the 15th century, the painting is in excellent condition, and comes from the artist’s mature period. As with most of the panels from this school of painting, the support medium is oak, which is almost completely immune to attack by woodworm. It is a relatively recent addition to the gallery: it arrived in 1854, bought by Andrea Doria Pamphilj V, from the Roman painter Luigi Cochetti, along with some others, including the polyptych by the Maestro del Borgo alla Collina.

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