Vasari Giorgio

Deposition from the Cross

297 x 188 cm; oil on wood panel (FC 133)

The painting was signed by the artist-academic (“GIORGIO ARETIN FACIEBAT”), who also mentioned it in his “Ricordanze”. He had promised to finish the piece by 1534, but more than ten years went by from when he started it to when it was completed, making it contemporary with Pisa’s Sacred Conversation, lost in 1595. The painting was broadly structured between 1533 and 1538, evidence of which can be seen in the strong influence of Salviati and allusions to Michelangelo’s Pieta. The dark background seems to date to the final stage of painting in roughly 1544, the almost complete lack of space is inline with certain anti-Renaissance tendencies of the Tuscan school at that time. The altarpiece remained in the Sant’Agostino church until 1661, when it was bought by Camillo Pamphilj for 150 scudi, after having financed some work on the church.

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