All the pieces on display

This is a complete list of the artworks in the Doria Pamphilj collection that are currently on display in the palazzo, listed by the room they are exhibited in. Scroll down the list below to find the names of the greats such as Caravaggio, Bruegel, Velázquez, Tiziano, or Raffaello, and find out where their masterpieces in our collection are kept.


56 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with St. Augustine and child

57 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume, “Landscape with St. Mary of Egypt

66 Mastelletta, “Landscape with the finding of Moses

68 Hermann van Swanevelt, “Landscape with the rape of Adonis

87 Gaspard Dughet, “(circle of: Crescenzio Onofri?), “Landscape with waterfall in a forest

65 Mastelletta, “Landscape with the triumph of David

67 Hermann van Swanevelt, “Landscape with the birth of Adonis

46 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, “Landscape with the Temptations of Christ

47 Crescenzio Onofri, “Landscape with trees and river

48 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, “Landscape with Rest on the Flight to Egypt

30 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with waterfall

29 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with cliff

31 Peter Philipp Roos (circle), “Landscape with animals

38 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with waterfall and tre

41 Francesco Graziani, “Landscape with ambush

32 Peter Philipp Roos (circle), “Landscape with animals

40 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with two waterfalls

42 Francesco Graziani, “Landscape with ferryman

33 Peter Philipp Roos (circle), “Landscape with animals

39 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with small valley

43 Francesco Graziani, “Landscape with small valley”

34 Peter Philip Roos (circle), “Landscape with animals

44 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with St. Eustace

45 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with the Good Samaritan

62 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with olive tree

61 Gaspard Dughet (circle: Crescenzio Onofri?), “Landscape with waterfall

52 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, “Seascape with knights

482 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, Landscape with the Good Samaritan

582 Gaspard Dughet?, “Landscape with swamp

76 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, “Landscape with animals and Noahʼs Ark

572 Jan Baptist Weenix and Pasquale Chiesa, “Landscape with the journey to Emmaus

55 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with St. John the Baptist

63 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with Cain and Abel

64 Gaspard Dughet and Guillaume Courtois, “Landscape with Adam and Eve

83 Johannes Hermans, called Monsù Aurora, “Landscape with Turkish woman”

576 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with waterfalls”

575 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with Lucano Bridge”

54 Gaspard Dughet (circle: Crescenzio Onofri?), “Landscape with stream in the wood

49 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with a tree in the centre

161 Pier Francesco Mola (after), “St. Bruno”

97 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with wood”

36 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with path

35 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with castles and lake


140 Pasquale Chiesa, “Agar and the Angel

617 Giuliano Bugiardini, Le Muse Urania, “Four Muses

127 Niccolò Tornioli, “Cain and Abel”

618 Marco Benefial, Personifications of Painting, “Sculpture and Architecture

619 Giuliano Bugiardini, “Apollo and two Muses

156 Pasquale Chiesa, “Sacrifice of Isaac”

620 Giuliano Bugiardini, “Three Muses”

150 Mattia Preti, “Agar and Ismaele”

144 Ventura Lamberti, “Diana and Endymion”

162 Anonimo XVIII secolo, “Education of Jupiter

149 Ventura Lamberti, “Narcisus at the Spring”

Alessandro Algardi, “Busto di Innocenzo X”

Alessandro Algardi, “Busto di Benedetto Pamphilj”


603 Giuseppe Bottani, “Apotheosis of Hercules (in the orchestra)

143 Francesco Giovani?, “Philo”

501 Annibale Carracci (after), “Ecce Homo”

447 Dosso Dossi (circle), “Portrait of Girolamo Beltramoto”

173 Mattia Preti, “The Tribute Money”

382 Flaminio Torre, “Penitent St. Peter

166 Paolo Pino, “Portrait of a 37 year old man

389 Flemish painter, 17th century, “Portrait of a lady

172 Francesco Giovani?, “Pitagora”

560 Anonimous, 17th century, “Landscape with horsemen on hunt

167 Lombard painter, 16th century,“Portrait of a man”


527 Simone Cantarini (circle), “St. Francis and angels

466 Francesco Graziani?, “Landscape with stone arch

425 Pauwels Franck, “Mountain landscape with bridges and shepherds”

191 Giovan Francesco Guerrieri, “Adorations of Shepherds

86 Matthias Stomer e bottega, “Fractio panis at Emmaus

194 Lucio Massari, “Aeolus and Juno

465 Francesco Graziani, “Landscape with two stone arches

242 David Ryckaert III, “Country lunch

196 David Teniers the Younger (partially after), “Woman selling vegetables

193 Giacomo Legi, “Cook in kitchen with Dives and Lazarus

320 Fra Paolino da Pistoia, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist and two Angels

72 Andrea del Sarto e workshop, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist

213 David Teniers the Younger (partially after), Fishmonger

195 Pasquale Chiesa, “St. Paul the Hermit

460 Monsù Guglielmo Fiammingo, “The Parable of the Sower of the Cockle among the Wheat

199 Pietro Paolo Ubaldini (circle), “The Coin of the Tribute

185 Francesco Giovani, “Plato”

812 Viviano Codazzi, “Ruins with figures

184 Francesco Giovani, “Carneades”

461 Monsù Guglielmo Fiammingo, “The Parable of the Blind Men

214 David Teniers the Younger (partially after), “Paesant family with chickens

177 Francesco Giovani, “Philosopher

370 Gaspar van Wittel, “View with Dogana”

253 Jan van Kessel the Elder, “Still life with oysters, flowers, fruits and animals

89 Paul Bril, “Landscape with deer and wildboar hunt

139 Alessandro Turchi (circle), “Roman Charity

197 David Teniers the Younger (partially after), “Fishmonger”

243 Jan van Kessel the Elder, “Still life with flowers, fruits and animals”

90 Paul Bril, “Landscape with deer and birds hunt

180 Francesco Giovani?, “Archimedes”

369 Gaspar van Wittel, “View of the Piazza S. Marco, with the Dogeʼs Palace


548 Annibale Carracci?, “Penitent Magdalen

547 Girolamo Romanino, “Madonna and the Child”

206 Garofalo, “Holy Family and Saints”

237 Claude Lorrain, “Landscape with dancing figures (Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca)

236 Annibale Carracci, “Landscape with the Flight in Egypt”

239 Carlo Saraceni e Jean Le Clerc?, “St. John the Baptist

452 Jan Brueghel il Vecchio, “Landscape with Creation of the animals

100 Giovanni Lanfranco, “Galatea e Polyphemus

240 Francesco Albani, “Landscape with the Assumption of the Virgin

246 Ludovico Cardi, detto il Cigoli, “Christ in the house of the Pharisee

562 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), Landscape with large tree and castle”

229 Pietro Paolo Bonzi, “Landscape with Blind Tobias

550 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), “Landscape with the vision of St. Eustace”

238 Francesco Albani e Antonio Carracci, “Landscape with the Visitation

321 Paris Bordone, Venere, “Mars and Cupid”

231 Hermann Swanevelt (cerchia), “Landscape with a castle

282 Claude Lorrain, “Landscape with Diana, Cephalus and Procris”

304 Pittore emiliano, late 16th century, “Madonna Enthroned with saints

211 Annibale Carracci?, “Penitent St. Jerome

232 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), “Landscape with bay and large tree”

281 Claude Lorrain, “Landscape with Apollo and Mercury

270 Garofalo, “Holy Family

257 Guido Reni, “Putti Fight

551 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), “Landscape with bay and large tree“????

230 Pietro Paolo Bonzi, “Landscape with Tobias and the Angel

563 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), “Landscape with waterfall, lake and rocks

260 Francesco Albani, “Landscape with the Adoration of the Shepherds

259 Guercino, “Erminia finds Tancredi wounded”

258 Francesco Albani and workshop, “Landscape with dead Christ

261 Carlo Saraceni, “St. Roch and Angels

350 David Teniers the Younger, “Kermesse”

263 Claude Lorrain, “Landscape with Delphi

262 Francesco Albani and workshop, “Landscape with the Adoration of the Magi

559 Ventura Salimbeni, “Penitent St. Jerome

269 Jacob van Loo, “Penitent Magdalen

283 Annibale Carracci?, “Landscape with penitent Magdalen

179 Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, “Portrait of a Gentleman

492 Roman painter, second half of the 17th century, “Adoration of the Shepherds”

109 Venetian painter, 16th century, “Portrait of a young man

316 Annibale Carracci (workshop) “Christ Crowned with Thorns”

244 Jan Pynas, “Landscape with the way to Calvary

520 Andrea del Sarto (after), “Madonna and Child”

354 Maestro Jacomo, “Woman catching Fleas

424 Domenico Roberti?, “Ruins and figures

521 Cima da Conegliano (after), “Madonna and Child”

549 Dosso Dossi, “Dido”

307 Quinten Massys, “The Moneylenders

512 Lionello Spada?, “Salomè”

553 Tuscan caravaggesque painter, “Lute player”

128 Niccolò Frangipane, “Christ Carrying the Cross and Veronica

317 Raffaello (after), “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist (Passeggioʼs Madonna)

516 Francesco Costanzo Catanio?, “Christ led to the Holy Stair

113 Paolo Caliari, detto Veronese (workshop), “Deposition”

233 Pieter Paul Rubens?, “Portrait of a franciscan friar

171 Francesco Giovani?, “Lycurgus”

488 Francesco Bassano, “The Agony in the Garden

445 Flemish or French painter, second half of 16th century, “Portrait of a gentleman

94 Scipione Pulzone (circle), “Madonna Lactans”

363 Paris Bordone, “Holy Conversation

457 Leonart Bramer, “Creation of Eve

324 Francesco Albani, “Holy Family with St. Catherine and Cecilia

325 Bartolomeo Schedoni? (after Correggio), “Madonna and Child with St.John the Baptist

216 Jan van Scorel, “Portait of Agatha van Shoonhoven

509 Domenico Beccafumi, “St. Jerome”


289 Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez, “Portrait of Innocent X Pamphilj”


358 Raffaello (da), “Portrait of Isabella de Requesens of Naples?”

287 Antonio Tempesta, “The Crossing of the Red Sea


476 Hermann Swanevelt (circle), “Landscape with crossed trees

265 Correggio, “Allegory of Virtue

266 Claude Lorrain, “Landscape with the Rest on the Flight to Egyp

267 Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo, “Massacre of Innocents

108 Garofalo, “Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist

430 Frans Arnold Rubens, “Eastern Harbour

272 Domenico Fetti, “Penitent Magdalen

278 Orazio Riminaldi, “Juno puts the Eyes of Argus in the Peacockʼs Tail

248 Francesco Albani, “St. Francis

159 Lorenzo Lotto, Penitent St. Jerome

247 Federico Barocci, “Study for the head of St. Judas

280 Jan Joost van Cossiau, “Landscape with Hunt

279 Guercino, “Return of the Prodigal Son

284 Guercino, “Martyrdom of St. Agnes

352 Maestro Jacomo, “Boy holding a Bat

291 Annibale Carracci?, “Satyr and Shepherd (Pan e Dafni?)

351 Maestro Jacomo, “Girl with a Lantern

604 Diego Velázquez (after), “Portrait of Innocent X Pamphilj

288 Guido Reni, “Madonna adoring her Child

422 Wolfgang Heimbach, “Woman with Lantern

546 Pieter Bruegel il vecchio, “Battle off the Port of Naples

421 Wolfgang Heimbach, “Boy with Lantern

293 Guercino, “St. John the Baptist

365 Maestro Jacomo, “Young Chorister

300 Garofalo, “Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria

364 Maestro Jacomo, “Young Woman Singing

295 Jan Joost van Cossiau, Landscape with Harbour

327 Alessandro Tiarini, “Semiramis

301 Giovan Giacomo Sementi, “Judith”

342 Garofalo (after), “St. Catherine of Alexandria

153 Alessandro Allori, “The Way to Calvary

340 Marcello Venusti, “Crucifixion”

530 Peter Philipp Roos, “Battle”

302 Sassoferrato, “Holy Family”

394 Frans Arnold Rubens, “Eastern Harbour

303 Albrecht Dürer (after), “Vision of St. Eustace

524 Francesco Bassano, “Adoration of the Shepherds”

311 Rembrandt (circle), “Old satyr

225 Sassoferrato, “Madonna Adoring”

557 Giovan Battista Piranesi (after), “View of the Salario bridge

526 Guercino (workshop), “St. Paul”

556 Giovan Battista Piranesi (after), “View of S. Mary of Egypt church, once Temple of Fortuna

176 Monsù Bernardo (circle), “Man reading

523 Adriaen Ysenbrant, “Magdalen reading

499 Mariotto Albertinelli, “Judith”

98 Giovanni Bellini and workshop, “Madonna and Child and St. John the Baptist

388 Francesco Beccaruzzi?, “Portrait of a Gentleman

163 French painter in Rome around 1740, “Madonna and Child with an Angel

744 Paolo Caliari, detto Veronese (circle), “The Way to Calvary

234 Herman van Swanevelt?, “Landscape with Satyr, Cupid and Venus?

542 Gerard Thomas, “Sculptorʼs studio”

223 Giovan Francesco Romanelli, “Allegory of the Taste (or the Autumn)”

286 Garofalo, “Holy Family with St. Joachim and Anne”

541 Gerard Thomas, “Painterʼs Studio”

224 Giovan Francesco Romanelli, “Allegory of the Sense of Smell (or the Spring)

93 Leandro Bassano, “Landscape with the Sacrifice of Noah

264 Guercino, “St. John reading

649 Paul Bril, “Riverside landscape with cows

585 Jacopo Bassano, “Eden”

497 Antonio Viviani, “Madonna and Child with Saint Anne

558 Boccaccio Boccaccino, Holy conversation with St. John the Baptist, Peter, Nicola of Bari

117 Lavinia Fontana? “Portrait af a Lady (Virginia)”

209 Girolamo Pesci, “St. John the Baptist Preaching

210 Girolamo Pesci, “Nativity of the Virgin

746 Girolamo Pesci, “Crucifix”

750 Federico Barocci (after), “Deposition”

790 Pietro Paolo Bonzi, called Il Gobbo dei Carracci,  “St. Francis with stigmata”


504 Antonio Solario, detto lo Zingaro, “St, Cecily” or “Music”?

525 Giacinto Brandi, “St. Peter”

37 Hermann Swanevelt, “Sunset landscape with towers

285 Jan Brueghel il vecchio (after), “Madonna and Child with animals

475 Philips Wouwermans (after?), “Beginning of hunt

503 Antonio Solario, called  Zingaro, “Salomè “

339 Giacinto Brandi, “St. Paul”

540 Hermann Swanevelt, “River landscape

474 Philips Wouwermans (after?), “Beginning of hunt

644 Bartolomeo Passerotti (circle), “Ecce Homo”

345 Guido Cagnacci?, “Angel”

470 Willem Romeyn (circle), “Landscape with shepherds

142 Pietro Paolo Bonzi, “Landscape with the Rest on the Flight to Egypt”

573 Willem Romeyn (cerchia), “Landscape and shepherd near a pyramid

337 Lorenzo Garbieri, “Penitent St. Peter

443 Caravaggio (after), “St. John the Baptist

226 Jacques Courtois, called Borgognone,  “After the Battle”

292 Parmigianino, “Nativity”

449 Jan Brueghel il vecchio, “Landscape with foundry

414 Pittore tedesco? 17th – 18th centuries, “Hostaria Scene

413 Pittore tedesco? 17th – 18th centuries, “Doughnut Vendor

411 Francesco Vanni (after), “Immaculate Conception crowned by the Child

343 Jan Lievens, “Sacrifice of Isaac

296 Paul Bril (after), Fantasy view of the Campo Vaccino”

297 Paul Bril (after), “Fantasy View of the Forum

326 Annibale Carracci, “Susanna and the Elders”

298 Paul Bril (after), “River landscape with landing stage”

299 Paul Bril (after), “Landscape with bridge and temple of the Sybil

190 Pasquale Chiesa, “Penitent St. Jerome

290 Parmigianino, “Madonna and Child”

221 Jacques Courtois, called Borgognone, “Battle”

635 Raffaello (after), “Psiche (or Magdalene or Mary by Egypt)

416 Pittore tedesco ? 17th – 18th centuries “Eastern kermesse”

415 Pittore tedesco?, 17th – 18th centuries “Shepherds”

459 Filippo Napoletano, “Enea to the Hell”

335 Sisto Badalocchio, “The rescue of St. Peter

235 Tiziano (after), “Magdalen Penitent

251 Pier Francesco Mola, “Head of the woman”

215 Mazzolino, “Christ among the Doctors

472 Giovan Francesco Romanelli, “Erminia among the Shepherds

341 Jan Brueghel il vecchio, “Earthly Paradise

308 Simone Cantarini, “Rest on the Flight to Egypt

344 David Rickaert III, “Tavern interior”

192 Pasquale Chiesa, “Penitent Magdalen”

136 Giovanni Antonio Lelli, “St. Catherine of Alexandria”

271 Orazio de Ferrari, “Portrait of an eastern man

566 Tiziano (after), Penitent Magdalen”

view of the THE RED ROOM

362 Padovanino, “Entombment of Christ

274 Jan Brueghel the Elder, “Eden and the Creation of Adam

554 Sebastiaen Vrancx, “Landscape with Stag Hunt

634 Jan Brueghel the Elder vecchio, “Landdcape with the Temptation of St. Anthony

410 Flemish painter, late 17th century, “Landscape with Magdalene”

273 Jan Brueghel the Elder, “Landscape with the vision of St. John on Patmos”

332 Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrick van Balen, “Allegory of Fire

348 Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrick van Balen, Allegory of Water

408 Mattia Preti, “Concert”

711 Pittore romano ca. 1650, “Portrait of Olimpia Maidalchini”

489 Francesco Beccaruzzi, “Portrait of a Young Woman

157 Gerard David e bottega, “Rest on the Flight to Egypt

220 Ferrarese master “IA”, first half of 16th century, “Jesus drives the sellers from the Temple”.

252 Domenichino (after), “St. Francis praying the Crucifix”

134 Girolamo da Carpi (circle), “Galatea”

368 Pittore romano, mid-17th century, “Landscape with Town by the Sea”

356 Alessandro Tiarini, “St. Peter and John before Simon Magus

202 Hendrick Frans van Lint, “View of Rome with the Convent of St. Peter in Chains

477 Christian Reder?, “Animals and shepherds

637 Jan van Kessel II (workshop), “Fruits, flowers and a bird

478 Christian Reder, “Shepherds at milking time

201 Hendrick Frans van Lint, “View of Rome with the Aventine

328 Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrick van Balen, “Allegory of Air”

322 Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrick van Balen, Allegory of Earth

506 Girolamo Muziano, “Head of an old man (St. Jerome?)

762 Felice Ottini, “The Winter (or the Fire)

763 Monsù Bernardo, “Old man washing his hands

217 Federico Barocci (circle), “Portrait of Child”

469 Christian Reder, “Grooms with Horses and Sheep

186 Francesco Giovani?, “Chilon”

380 Tempestino, “Landscape with shepherds

222 Mattia Preti, “Penitent Magdalen”

227 Domenichino, “Landscape with a ford

181 Francesco Giovani?, “Empedocles”

456 Tempestino, “Landscape with figures and cows

552 Guercino, “St. Jerome”

329 Pietro Paolo Bonzi, called il Gobbo dei Carracci, “Landscape with sacred image”

346 Guercino, “St. Joseph”

495 Marco Basaiti, “St. Sebastian”

323 Antonio Carracci, “River landscape with hunters in a boat

505 Tiziano?, “Angel with drum”

318 Guido Reni (after), “Madonna and Child”

158 Anonimous, 17th century, “Landscape with St. Martin”

513 Mattia Preti, “St. John the Baptist”

338 Luca Cambiaso, Penitent Magdalen”

268 Marcello Venusti, “The Agony in the Garden”

198 Ludovico Carracci, “Madonna and Child, St. Catherine and Bernard

518 Vittore Carpaccio, “Christ Blessing

586 Palamedes Palamedesz, “Battle”

500 Guido Reni (circle), “St. Sebastian”

555 Raffaello (after), “Holy Family with St. Elisabeth and St. John the Baptist

219 Lombard painter, 16th century, “St. Jerome in his study”

309 Pietro della Vecchia, “Portrait of a man with a skull

319 Girolamo Pesci? “Madonna of Sorrow”

84 Joachim Patinir (circle), “Landscape with St. Ubert (or Eustace)”

314 Niccolò Rondinelli, Madonna and Child

522 Giovan Francesco Maineri, “Christ Carrying the Cross

485 Sigismondo Foschi, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist

315 Niccolò Rondinelli, Madonna and Child

561 Giacomo Francia, “Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and Anthony”

471 Dutch painter, 17th century, “Landscape with hunter”

129 Michael Sweerts (circle), “Portrait of a young man”

294 Siciolante da Sermoneta, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist

502 Daniele da Volterra, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist


564 Domenico De Marchis, called il Tempestino, “Landscape with hunters and fortifications”

583 Flemish painter, 17th century, “Landscape with riverside villa”

578 Giovan Battista Giovannini, “Landscape with Mercury and Argus

577 Dutch painter, 17th century, “Landscape with thiefs and mills”

565 Tempestino, “Landscape with a woman and a child”

528 Francesco Bassano, “Shepherds scene (Autumn?)”

103 Jacopo Bassano, “Return of the Prodigal Son

454 Francesco Bassano, “Fractio panis at Emmaus

673 Lorenzo Lotto, “Self-Portrait?”

359 Nicolas Poussin (after?), “Aldobrandini Wedding”

165 Jacopo Tintoretto, “Portrait of a young gentleman”

355 Dosso Dossi, “Portrait of a poet?”

383 Tiziano e workshop?, “Allegory of defeat of Vice (or Religion allied with Spain)”

517 Tiziano, “Salomè”

133 Giorgio Vasari, “Deposition”

1 Ciro Ferri, “Sacrifice of Noah”

111 Pier Francesco Mola, “Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt

105 Pietro della Vecchia (after Tiziano), “Il Bravo”

440 Salvator Rosa, “Seascape with arch in a cliff

543 Johannes Hermans, called Monsù Aurora, “Duck hunting”

579 Jean Le Maire (circle), “Landscape with large ruins”

58 Jodocus van Hamme, “Landscape with turkish horseman

584 Gaspard Dughet, “Landscape with cypress and little figures

96 Johannes Hermans, called Monsù Aurora, “Duck hunting”

115 Guercino, “St. Joseph”

183 Ciro Ferri, “Erminia among the Shepherds

110 Guercino, “Endimione with telescope

381 Guercino, “Allegory of Spring (or Flora)”

366 Jusepe de Ribera, “St. Jerome

357 Caravaggio, “Penitent Magdalene”

241 Caravaggio, “Rest in the Flight in Egypt”

349 Caravaggio (from?), “St. John the Baptist”

438 Jan de Momper, “Seascape with harbour”

77 Pietro Graziani, “Landscape with Soldier, Fisherman and poor horseman”

535 Jan de Momper, “Seascape with tower and figures

130 Raffaello, “Double portrait (Beazzano and Navagero)”


444 Courtois Jaques, called Borgognone and Carlo Maratta, “Battle of Castro”

423 Giovan Battista Giovannini, “Landscape with old shepherd sleeping

73 Scarsellino, “The Flood”

588 Parentino, “St. Anthony Abbot giving Alms

587 Parentino, “S. Antonio abate viene tentato col denaro”

419 Parentino, “St. Anthony Abbot being tempted with Money

519 Giovanni Bellini (circle), “The Circumcision”

92 Salviati, “Conversion of St. Paul”

124 Otto van Veen (after?) “Sinite parvulos (Jesus teaching in the Temple)

592 Memling, Lamentation with a donor

510 Biagio Pupini, “Holy Family with St. John the Baptist

511 Sebastiano del Piombo (after), “Christ Carrying the Cross

228 Garofalo, “Visitation”

487 Garofalo, “Holy Family”

141 Fiorenzo di Lorenzo (circle), “Madonna and Child”

151 Mazzolino, “Lamentation

668 Filippo Lippi, “Annunciation”

667 Pesellino, “St. Silvester and the dragon

666 Pesellino, “St. Silvester predicts the death of Tarquinio

428 Mazzolino, “Massacre of the Innocents and Rest on the Flight to Egypt

590 Bicci di Lorenzo, “St. James the Apostle and Anthony Abbot

591 Bicci di Lorenzo, “St.Christopher and John the Baptist

672 Domenico Beccafumi, “Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine with St. John the Baptist

508 Giovanni di Paolo, “Marriage of the Virgin

514 Giovanni di Paolo, “Nativity of the Virgin

312 Ortolano, “Nativity with St. Francesco, Mary Magdalen and John the Baptist”

417 Quinten Massys, “Two Monks at Prayer (The Hypocrites)

418 Pieter Brueghel II, “Winter landscape with skaters

493 Herri met de Bles, “The way to Calvary

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