Seven Centuries of Dante Alighieri

Seven Centuries of Dante Alighieri
7 February 2021 neoimage


The Doria Pamphilj Gallery celebrates the 700th Anniversary of the Supreme Poet’s Death..

Divine Comedy Inferno

Parentino Bernardo, The Temptations of St Anthony Abbot (fc 419)

When half way through the journey of our life
I found that I was in a gloomy wood,
because the path which led aright was lost.
And ah, how hard it is to say just what this
wild and rough and stubborn woodland was,
the very thought of which renews my fear!

(Inferno I, 1-6)

Divine Comedy Purgatorio

Bugiardini Giuliano, Apollo and the Muses Calliope and Clio (fc 619)

But let dead Poesy here rise again,
O holy Muses, since that I am yours,
And here Calliope somewhat ascend

(Purgatorio I, 7-9)

Divine Comedy Paradiso

Brueghel Jan il Vecchio, Earthly Paradise with Original Sin (fc 341)

The glory of the One who moves all things
permeates the universe and glows
in one part more and in another less. 

(Paradiso I, 1-3)