In the past, the Doria Pamphilj princes dealt directly with the management of the artistic and historical heritage of their dynasty, among the most important and noble in Italy.

In 2013, the desire to keep this commitment alive led them to establish the Doria Pamphilj Trust with the following purposes:

  • to preserve the historical family origin of their artistic heritage, ensuring integrity and conservation, also in the interest of Italy’s culture;
  • to keep the ownership and management of these assets as united as possible over time.

The Doria Pamphilj Trust is an internal trust that owns a collection of invaluable works of art as well as historic 16th-century palaces, including the museums of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Rome and the Villa del Principe in Genoa.

The Italian trustees of the Doria Pamphilj Trust are committed to the ongoing conservation and upkeep of the buildings, conservation programs for the collection’s assets and the scrupulous management of the museums. These actions all aim to preserve and promote the wonders of this extraordinary historical and cultural heritage.